Unclutter Me

By Lisa Witzleben

Professional Organizing Services and Productivity Consulting in Boise, Idaho

Are you tired of being consumed by clutter?

Reclaim your space!

Allow Unclutter Me by Lisa Witzleben, LLC to step in to create order and provide simplicity in your life. We will create an organized space in your home and business setting. Whether you have just moved into a home and need to organize and consolidate, or you are overwhelmed in your existing space, Unclutter Me by Lisa Witzleben, LLC will allow you to rid yourself of clutter and step closer to a simpler life.

Established in 2015, Unclutter Me by Lisa Witzleben, LLC creates a calm and serene space, whether in your home or business. We organize your possessions, create efficient digital and physical filing systems, and help you manage your time. We work alongside our clients one-on-one to teach, advise, and assist in creating order and simplicity. Our purpose is to design simple, customized processes to reduce piles and stacks and make more space and time for the life you want to live.

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I adore finding order. Discovering a better way to be efficient and effective has always come with ease and excitement. Unclutter, organize, and live simply.


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Employee training, church groups, or social clubs, I can help your organization’s most valuable assets be intentional, more efficient, and productive.


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Tips, worksheets, booklets.

Coming soon!

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