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Right Brain Rounds
Living Intentionally with Lisa Witzleben,
Professional Organizer
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Corona Virus:
Be Prepared
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The Corona Virus: Be Prepared
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Unclutter Me
Organizing Your Pantry
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Stand Out: Disaster
How to Prepare for Disasters
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Meet Lisa Witzleben (Witz-lay-ben)

Lisa Witzleben spent over 13 years working within logistics positions for various private and state sectors. Upon receiving her Masters of Science in Global Supply Chain Management, Lisa worked with the State of Alaska, Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management as a Logistics Planner in emergency preparedness and planning section.

In December 2015, Lisa jumped in with both feet, becoming a solopreneur, creating Unclutter Me. Lisa is a professional organizer focusing on professional speaking and residential clients.

Unclutter Me’s mission: “To assist clients in leading a simpler life, through an intentional process of uncluttering, then organizing.”

In addition to running her own business, Lisa is a proud wife and mama to three children. Lisa has been married for 11 years, and together, Kurt and Lisa are raising a hilarious 5 five year old, an assertive 6 year old, and an extremely observant 8 year old! Lisa loves to see her clients achieve the tag line she created for Unclutter Me… Refresh. Renew. Live Simply. 

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I have an adoration for finding order. Finding a “better” way to be more efficient and effective has always come with ease and excitement. Unclutter then organize, and live simply.

Productivity Coach

Life is too short, we need to enjoy our time with people and activities that bring us joy. Rid yourself of clutter, anxiety, guilt, and worry; it’s never too late to begin. Allow me to assist you.


Employee training, church groups, or social clubs, I can help your organization’s most valuable assets be intentional, be more efficient and productive.

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