“We don’t have to do it all.  We can’t do it all.  We are better for it when we don’t try to do it all.” – Courtney Carver

I am nervous to post this blog.  You will have one of three reactions when reading this post:

  1. Believe it is negative, feel it is depressing, and quit reading
  2. Become anxious, stressed out and worried
  3. Understand the purpose of this post, be realistic, and use it to motivate to determine your summer to-dos.

Of course, my hope is the latter.  So here it goes…

Here in Anchorage, Alaska, the 2018/2019 School year begins Monday, August 20th.  Removing the week of August 12th and considering the current week we reside in, we have 10 WEEKS of summer.

(Insert heavy sigh and eye roll here.)

What is the definition of summer to most? Sleeping in, staying up late, camp fires, watching your child’s sporting activities, visiting family and friends, throwing/attending barbecues, reading, napping, typically topped with laughter, good food, and great rest.  The above-mentioned are all typical, and necessary things to do each summer.  Spoiler Alert: This time will go by so incredibly fast.

But wait, what about the running list you have created in your mind of the summer projects needing to be accomplished and are far over-due?  Your intent is that you will “have the time in the summer” to accomplish everything that has been put to the side through the school year.  Really?!?   Let’s reevaluate!

“Even the one who handles everything must rest and restore.  Even the most mindful need to evaluate their priorities every once in a while.” – Rachel Macy Stafford

Be realistic!  Be intentional!

What on your summer to-do list is really attainable?

Below are recommendations to assist you in determining what is achievable while still enjoying your summer.

  1. Write all of your summer to dos on paper.

I, of course, recommend using your two-subject notebook.  Visually reviewing what you believe you want to accomplish will offer two benefits:


     2. Stop treating your to dos as projects.

Remember, organization is a process, not a project.  Creating a life more simple, requires change in habit, not just checking off a box.


  1. Look at your schedule – reevaluate.

Considering all the fun things you have planned, is your to do list actually attainable?  Have you created a lot of goals without considering if the deadline is achievable?


  1. Continue to utilize your data dump weekly. 

Find a home for your weekly time commitments AND to dos.  Just because it is summer, do not break the habit.  You may have a much smaller weekly data dump in the summer, this is okay.  Remain focused!

You will feel so much better achieving your attainable goals versus having a list of to-dos unchecked as we head into a new season of change.

You CAN do this!  Unclutter Me is here to assist you.

Refresh.  Renew.  Live Simply.

“To be intentional is to act purposefully, with a goal in mind and a plan for accomplishing it.” – Ann Epstein.