I am proud to call Anchorage, Alaska my home for over 35 years. I am married to the love of my life, Kurt, going on 11 years. But our proudest accomplishments are our three young children, Noah, Lucy and Graham.



In 2015, we chose the risky yet thrilling ride of self-employment! Thus, Unclutter Me was created and we are not looking back!.



I have an adoration for finding order. Finding a “better” way to be efficient and effective has always come with ease and clarity. Choosing to keep only items that bring joy or functionality, and removing the unnecessary is cathartic and refreshing. To see a client choose to live with intentionality brings me joy.



Many people inquire, how is it I am able to stay organized with three small children? The answer, structure, routine, and one incredibly involved husband. Finding consistent simplicity in your home is only possible with buy-in from your partner. Just as with finances, if your partner is not on-board, finding simplicity in your home will be difficult. Working along with a Professional Organizer can remove tension and frustration while adding clarity and accomplishment.


A professional organizer is someone who assists their clients unclutter, thenorganize within their living spaces or work environments, and is recognized by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). A Professional Organizer offers the following:

  • Provides accountability
  • Presents structure/technique
  • Withholds emotional attachment to the objects or data
  • Acts as a catalyst

Professional Organizers work as independent contractors. A Professional Organizer will utilize their experience, education, combined with tested techniques, processes and strategies, to create spaces and organizational systems that promote efficiency and give clients more time to enjoy their lives. Professional Organizers also act as Productivity Coaches to their clients, offering tips and instructing them in proper methods to better manage their time.


I get it…You are not sure if you want to pay someone to help you you organize your house or office. You are asking yourself “why can’t I do this on my own?” Like many professional athletes and businesses professionals, we as humans require coaching, strategy, and most importantly accountability to help us improve our skills, strength, and achieve goals. We all know what we “need” to do. You are not alone. A Professional Organizer will empower you to stay on task, complete the project, and develop lifestyle changes to create efficiency. Unclutter Me can help. Contact me for a free consultation.


Unclutter Me

is a licensed and insured, professional service recognized by the National Association of Productivity & Organization Professionals (NAPO).


If you are not sure if a Professional Organizer is for you, see if any of the following apply:
  • Does it take you longer than 3 minutes to find any of your belongings?
  • Are your paperwork piles overflowing?
  • Are you overwhelmed, tired, anxious or depressed because of the clutter in your home or business environment?
  • Do you go to the grocery store multiple times throughout the week?
  • Do you need creative organizational solutions.
  • Has a family member passed away and you are suddenly responsible for all of his or her belongings?
  • Are you moving and you need creative organizational solutions?
  • Does your home need an organizational facelift?
  • Do you have collections that aren’t being displayed how you desire?.
  • Do you desire to be more organized, but struggle to finish the process?
Unclutter Me can offer ideal solutions for people who find that life – or their belongings – make them feel overwhelmed. With a wealth of experience and the ability to look at your belongings with a neutral eye, a professional can easily take your worst mess and get you organized.


Contact me and setup a consultation.


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