“Structure doesn’t destroy your creative impulses; rather, it allows them to flourish.” – Julie Morgenstern


I know, I know!  This is a post many of you do not want to see yet.  However, it is time!  BACK TO SCHOOL is upon us sooner than you may think.  We have 4 weeks (20 week days) until school age children head back to school in Anchorage, which includes most private schools as well.

There are many things you can do now to ease the anxiety and stress that comes with preparing our children to head back to school.  As we all know the last week of summer break is hectic in and of itself.  Do not add unnecessary pressure by waiting until the last minute.

Unclutter Me’s Helpful Hints – Back-To-School:

  1. Dependent on age, have your children, or you, go through their clothes and begin to compile a list of what is needed in regards to clothing.  Create a list per child.
  2. Dependent on age, set scheduled times to begin on-line shopping or in-store shopping NOW, with the lists acquired from #1.

Include all accessories needed. (Backpacks, jackets, water bottles, locker needs etc)

Keep in mind, most merchandise is currently on sale.  Beginning August 1, prices begin to increase substantially as we lead closer to school start dates.

I was recently at a national brand store in Anchorage, with more than 17 years experience, the store manager began telling me that back-to-school shopping is happening later each year.  Her description of the Sunday before school started last year in Anchorage, was “total mayhem.”

  1. Check your school district websites for school required needs/supplies. Some teachers prefer a check for the needed supplies versus the parent buying the supplies.  Call your school if you need clarification.
  2. Within Anchorage, school begins Monday, August 21st for 1st – 12th Kindergarten begins, Monday, August 29th.  As the adage goes, it takes 21 days to develop or break a habit.  So…begin your school schedule for yourself and your family beginning JULY 31st.  Three weeks!!

For my family, this means we will begin and end our daily routine as if we are in the 2017/2018 school year.  This means putting the littles to bed at 8:00 pm, and waking up at 6:45 am.  Will we be perfect at it, heck no! However, we will do our best to maintain. #BeIntentional!

If beginning the school year seems stressful to us as parents, think of how it must make our children feel at times.  Why wait until the last minute to develop a routine, when everything else will be new as well?!

  1. If you have not, begin utilizing your 2 Subject Notebook, now! For reference on how to utilize your notebook properly, see the following blog posts for detail:

Start your preparation now.  Do not add to the stress and anxiety that already exists.  You CAN do this!  Unclutter Me is here to assist you.

Refresh.  Renew.  Live Simply.

“Anxiety is caused by a lack of control, organization, preparation, and action.” – David Kekich

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