“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have the time to do it over?” – John Wooden

For friends, acquaintances who have come into my home, some are surprised that I too, have piles.  As I have mentioned many times through my social media accounts, I am by no means perfect, nor do I want to attain to be perfect.  That sounds exhausting!

However, my piles have purpose.  My goal, to put the item away correctly the first time.  Why shove something in a closet, box, drawer, or digital file folder with the hopes to come back through AGAIN and take care of it properly?  Take the time now!  In my case, this may mean an object, data or time may sit in the open for everyone else to see for a while, and that is okay!

Organization is a process, not a project.  Living a life more organized requires lifestyle changes.  As reported by iQuanti, “Getting Organized” was the 2nd most popular New Year’s Resolution for 2017 beating out “living life to the fullest,” and “spend less/save more.” (http://www.nbcnews.com/business/consumer/2017-new-year-s-resolutions-most-popular-how-stick-them-n701891)

Why is “getting organized” so popular?  Simply put, clutter affects all of us in some way, shape or form, mentally, physically, emotionally and/or spiritually.  Why create more work for yourself and add additional stress?  When my husband and I moved into our home 5 years ago, unpacking and organizing the kitchen took time, a lot of time! I knew I would not find the time later to come back through and do it over.

Give yourself realistic goals, with a realistic time frame to establish processes to stay organized.  Be intentional!  Live intentional.

You can do this.  Unclutter Me is here to assist you.

Refresh.  Renew.  Live Simply.