“I will hold myself to a standard of grace not perfection.” – Emily Ley

Okay, confession time, I am completely overwhelmed and in need of a reset.  I am doing too much, and in turn I am putting myself last.  This, of course, is proving to be a poor decision.  Why?  Well, we all know why.  Depleting my energy tank equates to me not being fully present in whatever may be in the moment, playing with my children, working along with my clients, spending time with family and my husband or volunteering.

We cannot do it all, and this is okay.

I have stepped away from listening to and practicing the advice I give to each client.  Make time weekly for yourself.

This may be as simple as a taking a walk, talking with a close friend, taking a bath, and reading for pleasure.   So what is a girl to do?  Well, I have the rare opportunity this week to sit on a beach, sleep, breathe deep, relax, and reevaluate.  Why have I ignored taking care of myself?  The answer, I have fallen away from my own technique of finding a home for all my time requirements, which includes making time for myself.

The three most critical items to keep one organized is the following:

  1. Complete your weekly data dump to include your weekly dinner menu and grocery list – https://lisawitzleben.com/write-it-down
  2. Work through your mail center weekly – https://lisawitzleben.com/create-a-home/
  3. Establish and continue your 15 Minute Basket routine. – https://lisawitzleben.com/use-your-15-minute-basket/


I belong to an organization that originally was called National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).  The organization has changed their name to the National Association of Productivity and Organizing.  Why?  Effective time management is critical to obtain a life refreshed, renewed and simplified.

So I am going to sign off, rest, regroup and work on my tailoring my schedule to include taking care of myself.

“Don’t sacrifice the good to chase the perfect.” – Emily Ley

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