“Even the one who handles everything must rest and restore.  Even the most mindful need to evaluate their priorities every once in a while.” – Rachel Macy Stafford

Reality Check for Myself (and maybe for you too):  Lately, I have been forgetting one crucial element in my daily and weekly plan…ME!  I have driven out any and all time for myself.  Each time I come to this realization, I get so mad at myself.  “How have I let myself get here, again?!?”

Now, although this does not happen frequently, I notice the effects of not taking care of myself fairly quickly.  In most cases, my clients typically always put themselves last.  And, now I find myself having to use the same techniques I recommend to my clients.

Find a balance within your weekly schedule that includes yourself.

Now the majority of you may be laughing and thinking, “Someday, but definitely, not today, or this week.”  My response, “Why not today?” Or. “If not today, then when?” In order to move towards a simpler life with less clutter, more clarity, and more time, no one can burn the candle at both ends.  No matter how much any of us deny the end result, the candle will eventually burn out.

So here is what I tell my clients, each week as you make your weekly Data Dump, make small amounts of time for yourself.  The time needs to be beneficial to one of the following: body, mind, and/or soul.  It does not need to be everyday or for long periods of time.  Enough time to reboot yourself throughout your day/week.

Examples include:

Body: Go for a walk, run, a bike ride, an exercise class

Mind: Read, meditate, journal, work on a hobby

Soul: Spend QUALITY time with your partner, a friend, a family member, faith-based

In some cases you can combine more than one of the above.  Go on a hike with your spouse, book club with friends etc.  Here’s the extremely important piece to the puzzle, you must take your ‘ME” time and do so UNPLUGGED!

Usually my daily “me” time is either during nap time or after my little ones have gone to bed.  It may be 15 minutes of reading, or calling a friend on the phone.  Other times, I carve out time needed for a workout, or a date with my husband.

Here’s the thing…all of our “ME” time will look different, and that is okay! There is no right or wrong way to do this, just do it!

As for myself, I will be re-reading this and “editing” my schedule immediately.

Refresh.  Renew.  Live Simply.


“They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” – Andy Warhol