“Because firsts are hard.  Firsts are scary.  Firsts can be painful, intimidating, and stressful.  …firsts can build confidence, bring dreams closer, and be the start of a new beginning and better days to come.”

~ Rachel Macy Stafford, Only Love Today

Hello! Welcome to Unclutter Me! I am beyond excited, yet, nervous to start this next phase in my professional journey, the world of blogging!  Pull up a chair, pour a hot cup of tea, and join along with me as I share tips, techniques, recommendations as well as an inside peek in my life as a Professional Organizer, mom and wife.

My life gets messy.  The point of me blogging is to hopefully demonstrate that even with the expected and unexpected bumps, there can be simplicity.  My children are young, I have three littles within 33 months – 5, 4, & 3 years of age.  My goal is to demonstrate that even with chaos surrounding me on a daily basis, with realistic goals, structure, and processes established, a simplified, intentional life is possible.

I love to be a part of a client’s journey to live simply.  When working along with my clients, my goal is to watch individuals unclutter, then organize.  Finding the ability to live with only items that bring joy or functionality to the home or business setting is cathartic.  Through my blog posts, hopefully peppered at times with humility and humor, my intent is to offer encouragement.

You CAN do this.  Unclutter Me is here to assist you.  Come along with me on this journey to live an intentional life.

Refresh.  Renew.  Live Simply.