“It happens every night, be ready, plan to eat.” – Unknown


“I don’t have time in my life to unclutter, then organize.”  My response, “How often do you go to the grocery store each week?”  In a typical family’s schedule, the amount of time consumed going to the grocery store multiple times a week is all too much.  My recommendation:

Go to the grocery store once a week.


The purpose of this post is to explain the second subject of your two subject notebook.

2nd Subject = Develop your weekly dinner plan & create your grocery lists. 

Why are most families going to the grocery store multiple times a week if not every day?  In most cases the answer is a lack of meal planning.  In order to develop a weekly dinner plan, you must create your weekly schedule first by finding a home within your weekly schedule for each task.  (Please reference my blog post, “Write it Down.”)

A common mistake made is creating a meal plan before creating the weekly schedule.  Determining what you are going to make prior to knowing what you must accomplish for the day is potentially setting yourself up for failure.  Again, my intent for you is to be successful, which requires you to be realistic with your time and commitments.

After you create your weekly schedule, go to your second subject and on a fresh sheet of paper, create your dinner plan.  Create a meal plan for all 7 days.  As is common, one night may be left overs or order out/eat out, this is perfectly okay.  Upon writing out your meal plan, you will then create your weekly grocery store run below.

Before you write out your grocery list, create categories of what you typically need.

Example: Dairy, Box/Canned Goods, Meat, Bread, Produce, Fruit, Health, Frozen, Beverages, etc

Once you have created your categories, write out what you need under each category.  Twice a month, I will go to our warehouse store (Costco/Sams Club) in addition to our weekly grocery store run.  For each store visited, create a separate grocery list broken into categories as well.

Taking the time to create a weekly schedule and grocery list will allow you more time to work towards a life less complicated.


Find time.  Save money.


You CAN do this, Unclutter Me is here to assist you.

Refresh.  Renew.  Live Simply.