BE INTENTIONAL: Time Management is Critical for Success!

Question: Within your schedule, have you established a “home” for your time commitments, to-do’s, and projects that never seem to get done?

Clutter affects us mentally, emotionally and physically.  Clutter includes objects, paper (both physical and digital) and time.  Creating systems to unclutter, then organize the disorder is essential to furthering success.  Unclutter Me can assist you in moving towards a life less cluttered and more simplified.

Why should I provide/attend an Unclutter Me Workshop?

Do you ever find yourself saying, or hear from your team members, state the following:
  • “I just don’t have the time.”
  • “There’s no way I can add one more thing to my plate.”
  • “I’ll never have time to complete that project.”

What will I receive from offering/attending an Unclutter Me Workshop?

Attendees will receive the following:
  • Understand the criticality of organizing our time by finding a home for the commitments, to-dos and projects
  • Learn real-world techniques/tools to organize our time
  • Find motivation to move forward and apply the techniques/tools in our world.

Who will be presenting an Unclutter Me Workshop?

Lisa Witzleben, Owner of Unclutter Me, professional organizer and professional speaker has more than 25 years of professional speaking.

Lisa creates motivation and encouragement by presenting realistic time management techniques and skills that are peppered with her high energy, and relatability.

Lisa’s presentations will allow attendees to organize their time to create the best opportunity for organized time management success.

Hire Lisa to Speak at Your Event: Workshop Selections

The Essential – Time Management: A two hour workshop

This workshop explains why time management is something we must organize and how we create realistic solutions to decrease the mental clutter that consumes our ability to complete our commitments, to-dos, and projects.  Each attendee will receive a two-subject time management notebook. 

Cost: $2500.00

The Signature – Time Management & Paper (Physical and Digital) Order: A three hour workshop: The Essential Workshop + Paper Organization.

This workshop includes an hour specific to paper both physical and digital.

  • What should I do with my physical and digital paper?
  • How can I can begin to determine what to keep, how will I keep the paper, and where will the paper be stored?


Cost: $3000.00

The Premier – Time Management, Paper, & Objects A four hour workshop: The Signature Workshop + Object Organization + 30 minutes of working through the two-subject time management notebook.

  • This workshop includes understanding how physical clutter affects our mental and emotional state
  • realistic techniques/tools are given to promote/motivate attendees to reevaluate the need for the physical objects taking space in our individual worlds
  • The workshop will include 30 minutes for attendees to apply the techniques and tools provided in their own two-subject time management notebook Allowing attendees to work through their two-subject notebook promotes a high success rate in following through on the real-world time management organization techniques provided

Cost: $3500.00