“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” – Stephen Covey


I believe in simplicity.  Function over perfection.  You do not have to have the latest and greatest gadget in order to get organized.  Let’s talk about time!


We all have the same 24 hours in a day.  There is no way to increase the minutes/hours in a day.  So many times, I hear my clients or potential clients say, “If I only had more time, I would be more organized.”  Organizing your time is critical to move towards a life with less clutter, and more joy.


Julie Morgenstern states it well, “Everyone needs a planner.  Whether your life is super busy or calm, whether you have a good memory or not, and whether you are in school, working, a business owner, retired, or a socialite, everyone needs some sort of calendar-based tool to manage his or her life.”


My recommendation, buy a two subject 9 1/2 “x 6” notebook.   Although many of us have an online calendar app, we all need a single source place to physically write down all of our “to-dos,” projects, and errands.  No more sticky notes, pads of paper or back of receipts strewn all over the home, purse, or vehicle.  One  Single.  Place.


I tell my clients and potential clients that I can find anyone more time each week by making three changes:

  1. Go to the grocery store once a week (not including a warehouse store like Sams or Costco)
  2. Schedule your time on social media.
  3. Buy and use a two subject notebook.


The point of this blog is to explain the FIRST subject within the two subject notebook.

1st Subject = Weekly Data Dump

Each week, typically Sunday is popular, on one side of paper you data dump EVERYTHING you need to accomplish, in list form.

Example – Bank, dry cleaners, workout, call Dad, bills, mow, laundry, provide snacks at soccer, weed, garbage, read, take kids to the zoo, etc.

Performing a weekly data dump allows you to eliminate all the little things that are constantly taking up space in your head, potentially keeping you distracted from the task at hand.

On the opposite page of your weekly list, write down the days of the week, and as we do for physical objects, find a “home” for each “to-do.”  Of course, start with your appointments, kids events, etc, then pepper in the other activities needing to be accomplished.

Creating a home for each object will assist you in realizing when and what can actually be accomplished.  Data dumping needs to be accomplished each week.  You will begin the week feeling in control.  You will begin to see items checked off your list, and projects begin to move forward.


Be realistic.  Be intentional.


“Set your intentions for the week ahead.  People who plan, achieve.”   – Unknown